Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tour Pics and a Secret Almost-Contest

Saturday's signing at Barnes & Noble was terrific! I was even treated to an eight stanza recitation of a poem one man had written for his three year-old daughter. Since he purchased a book, it was kind of like a little literary salon, right there in Barnes & Noble. Like a moron, I forgot to take pictures--I'm batting about 50% there. But I did remember my camera at the Surreal South reading at SIU back on the 27th. It was a great time--rather irreverent for a lit event, but that's what Surreal South is all about! From L to R: Kyle Minor, Rodney Jones, your faithful correspondent, Pinckney, and Jon Tribble.

And a few more pics from the tour that never ends:

With Anne Holbach, owner of The Easy Chair Bookstore and Cafe in Blacksburg, VA

With Ellen Rothwell from The Open Book at the Greenbrier Valley Theatre event in Lewisburg, WV

This Saturday, Pinckney and I will be reading/signing Surreal South and Isabella Moon at Burkes Books in Memphis from 2-4 p.m. Joining us will be the incomparable Tom Franklin (Smonk, Poachers) and the much-(deservedly)lauded poet Beth Ann Fennelly. Should be a fun afternoon!

(The secret contest part: The first person with whom I've never had dinner to comment on this blog gets a signed copy of Isabella Moon.)


jen said...

Hi Laura - I don't believe we've ever had dinner, sadly. When I'm next over your way we'll make a date, okay! It's very bad that you've got two blogs - now I'll get through even less on my to-do list! I need more hours or more coffee...
Thanks for posting the pics.

Shawn, the Beer Philosopher said...

Hi Laura - I'm disqualified from the secret contest two-fold as we've had dinner AND I already own a signed copy of the book - but I just wanted to say hi and I'll look forward to reading your new bloggings here.

- Shawn

Tom said...

Happened, today, to see a note you left with Konrath on handselling and touring.

Harrumph; I'd maintain that pizza during a pledge drive at opposite ends of the building doesn't count as 'having dinner with,' - but then again, I'd *rather* buy one of the autographed ISABELLAs left behind during your tour.

Then they'll surely ask you to come back for a stop with your second book.

LitPark said...

Laura, your blog is great! You are on my to-read list! xo